48 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: here’s what we think so far

technicalstudio | February 28, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

You won’t be able to experience the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus until March 16, but we’ve gotten two days of perspective using the new Plus-sized Android phone while at MWC 2018.

It’s literally and figuratively the biggest smartphone here in Barcelona, with an expansive 6.2-inch display and elegantly curved edges that spill over the sides. And unlike other all-screen phones we’re seeing pop up at MWC this year, it doesn’t have that iPhone X-like notch at the top.

We haven’t been able to stress-test the Galaxy S8 Plus in the first two days of use for a proper full review, but can give you insight into it with first impressions.

Here’s what we’ve found out about the phone in the first 48 hours.

Low-light camera performance captures Barcelona

The Galaxy S9 Plus would be nothing more than an iterative update if it weren’t for the new camera. Its f/1.5 aperture soaks in more light to properly capture dimly lit scenes, and there are plenty of those at MWC 2018 especially staying in the heart of Las Ramblas.

We were able to capture both the rainy (and sometimes snowy) city and the moody conference parties at night thanks to Samsung’s impressive low-light photo capabilities.

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