Alleged OnePlus 6 leak shows off slightly refreshed design

technicalstudio | March 27, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

The wait for the OnePlus 6 might not be as long as we feared, as an image purportedly showing off the upcoming device has leaked.

OnePlus recently ran through of its supply of OnePlus 5T models in the US, leading many to believe that the next iteration would be coming soon. While we still don’t quite know the release date, a leak via Evan Blass usually indicates that things are about to pick up.

Taking a closer look at the phone pictured below, we see some obvious changes over the OnePlus 5T. Some of the curves look mighty similar, and yes, there looks to be a headphones jack yet again (keep fighting to good fight, OnePlus!), but the back is textured and looks like the company’s wood bumper cases – except it’s built into the phone.

Credit: Evan Blass

5T vs 6: more differences

This leaked photo doesn’t show the entirety of the new phone, so we’ll have to wait another day to see if the front features a notch like seemingly every other 2018 Android flagship smartphone, including today’s Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. Though even just this small peek shows what appears to be a repositioned rear-facing dual camera module stacked vertically.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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