Apple investigating iPhone X bug after users report incoming-call delays

technicalstudio | February 4, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

Apple’s flashy and expensive new iPhone X is only about three-months-old at this point, and after its slightly delayed launch and recent reports of demand being lower than expect, the Cupertino company was likely hoping its iPhone X problems were finally over…

Well, it looks like it’ll have to wait a little longer, as a new bug has just bitten into the $1,000 pocket rocket.

According to the Financial Times, many iPhone X users have recently taken to Apple forums to complain about a delay in the screen waking up when a call comes through, thus delaying the display of the virtual call accept or decline buttons. This delay, which users claim can last between six to 10 seconds, is causing some owners to miss calls entirely.

“I can often not see an incoming call coming, can only hear it! At other times, there is a significant delay,” reads a post from one user.

Users have reported that they need to restart the phone when the problem occurs – although doing so only eliminates it temporarily.

Latest bug biting Apple

The delayed wake screen is the first major bug to beset Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset, although it does come on the back of a delayed release and news that it was outsold by its cheaper iPhone 8 sibling in Q4 of last year.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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