Belkin WeMo Insight Smart Plug

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The home is getting smarter, and while appliances, TVs, and more are all getting internet connectivity built right in, some things that are built into your home require adapters to gain a bit more intelligence. Like, for example, power outlets.

There are a ton of smart power outlets out there, but to date Belkin’s WeMo range has often been considered among the best. Now, the company is back with a new addition to the Belkin WeMo lineup – the revamped Belkin WeMo Insight.

But what makes the $45 (£49, AU$69) Insight different from Belkin’s other switches? Well, for starters, it’s aimed at offering much better power consumption tracking. But does that make it worth the cash? We put it to the test.

Design and setup

The first thing you’ll notice about the device is its design. For starters, it’s a little bigger than it looks in the pictures – and that may be an issue for some. We found that in a vertically-aligned dual power outlet it covered the top outlet if placed on the bottom, though it doesn’t cover the bottom if placed on the top. That could be issue, especially for those that want to add smarts to all the outlets in their home.

That doesn’t mean it’s a badly designed device – it looks quite good for what it is.

On the top, you’ll find a touch-sensitive power button, along with a small reset button, and a MicroUSB port. We have absolutely no idea what the MicroUSB port is for. The instructions don’t reference it, and searching online seems to suggest that Belkin put it there in hopes of finding a use for it later. Hopefully they’ll find a use for it before MicroUSB as a standard gets completely replaced with USB-C.

Apart from that and the WeMo logo on the front, it’s a pretty plain, and subtle device.

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