Best phones for battery: 8 smartphone stamina champs

technicalstudio | December 23, 2017 | 0 | Mobiles

Ever since we traded phones with buttons for tiny touchscreen computers 10 years ago, we’ve complained about smartphone battery life.

TechRadar’s battery test

What is it?

We play a 90 minute HD video with a phone at 100% battery, with screen brightness at max and accounts syncing over Wi-Fi in the background.

What are the results?

We measure how much battery is lost during the 90 minutes, and give the result as a percentage.

We’ve gained great cameras, Instagram and mobile games that look better than some console titles – but we’ve also inherited the need to charge our phones every day. And we’re still not happy about it.

TechRadar reviews just about every major phone that makes it to shelves in the US, UK and Australia, though. We know about the phones that will keep partying ’til 3am, and those that might pass out before you finish work if you dare to listen to a podcast or do some gaming on your lunch break.

You might wonder how some of these phones are doing well with smaller batteries – that’s because it’s not about the size of the power pack, but how well optimised it is.

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