BlackBerry: ‘we understand we are not for everyone’ but ‘we’re here to stay’

technicalstudio | February 24, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

“We feel like it’s mission accomplished.”

It’s a statement you may not expect to hear from BlackBerry Mobile, but that’s exactly what the firm’s Global General Manager, Francois Mahieu told us atMWC 2018.

That accomplishment in a little more detail is “in terms of establishing BlackBerry and KeyOne over the past year. If you look at our global footprint, we’re everywhere. It’s hard to find somewhere where the KeyOne is not available,” Mahieu explained.

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BlackBerry KeyOne

A sophisticated-looking smartphone that resurrects a physical keyboard in the modern Android era.

BlackBerry Motion

An all-screen Android offering the BlackBerry experience in a more modern, water-resistant package.

The KeyOne is a year old itself, launched on this exact date in 2017, during MWC in Barcelona, and it’s now in most major markets around the world. Not bad for a physical keyboard form factor that many raised eyebrows at when it was first unveiled.

While in the grand scheme of smartphone shipments, the new BlackBerry Mobile proposition of the KeyOne and the full-touch BlackBerry Motion are no more than a drop in the ocean, but the firm is keen to narrow its parameters to the premium tier to show you its success.

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