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Educational institutions of all sizes have specific workflow needs, but often end up settling for a patchwork of costly apps and solutions. Whether you’re implementing a student-run technology help center, a ticketing system for IT issues or tracking equipment and supplies for a dining hall, finding the right technology for any process can be a challenge.

After hearing from IT teams at schools looking for affordable, custom technology to improve process and workflow issues, we’re introducing App Maker. It’s G Suite’s low-code application development environment that makes it easy to build custom apps that speed up workflows and make processes better. App Maker is flexible enough to be as useful to large companies as it is to schools and universities—and now it’s available for all G Suite for Education, Business and Enterprise customers.

Introducing App Maker

For Ben Hommerding, Instructional Technologist at St. Norbert College in Green Bay, Wisconsin, App Maker enables his lean but mighty team—like many school IT departments—to solve process issues from one central hub, and pass along the day-to-day management to the departments themselves. “You can build powerful capabilities, like advanced Google Forms that can streamline course enrollment and scholarship-tracking, without coding knowledge—making it more efficient for our team to build an app, and pass it along to any department,” said Hommerding. Once apps are set up, they can be managed with ease, even for faculty with little-to-no coding experience.

In addition to improving administrative processes, App Maker can also help specific academic departments. For example, computer science educators can use App Maker as a learning tool, teaching the fundamentals of app building to beginners and digging into the code with more advanced students.

You can also use App Maker apps to support processes for extracurricular activities, like athletic teams. At St. Norbert College, the recruiting process for the track team involved a frustrating bottleneck.

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