Canary View Smart HD Security Camera


Security cameras were one of the first devices to gain intelligence when the concept of the smart home first started gaining steam. These days, users have access to a range of super intelligent security cameras, arguably led by the Nest Cam IQ, a Google Assistant-enabled camera that automatically switches on and off when you leave and come home.

Although Nest (a company now owned by Alphabet) is leading the charge, that’s not stopping the competition from launching some pretty nice products of their own.

Canary was one of the first companies to launch a smart security camera, which was simply called the Canary camera. Fast forward a few years and nowadays its lineup has expanded a little to include both better cameras, and more affordable cameras — like the $99 (around £70, AU$130) Canary View.

So, is Canary’s latest smart camera worth its meager entry fee? There’s certainly some pretty stiff competition in that price range and while we like the View, it’s far from flawless. Here’s what it was like to use one in our own home.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Canary View is its design, and if you’re familiar with Canary’s product range you’ll immediately recognize it: The View looks almost exactly like the original Canary camera, and the flagship Canary all-in-one, save for the grey color scheme. That’s not a bad thing, though.

The camera looks like a camera, but the grey colors will help it blend in on a shelf pretty easily. The cylindrical design makes the device looks kind of like a weird Amazon Echo – but again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The camera is actually quite a bit lighter than it looks. When you pick it up, it may feel a bit cheap or flimsy – though in the end you probably won’t be moving your security camera around much so it may not matter.

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