China has narrow lead over US in 5G race

technicalstudio | April 16, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

China has a narrow lead in the race to be a 5G leader, according to new research, which again suggests Europe is behind the US and Asia in development.

Analysys Mason looked at ten countries with regards to their 5G readiness and determined that government support and industry momentum had nudged China ahead of South Korea, the US and Japan.

South Korea has the world’s most advanced 4G networks, while the US’ wireless industry is world-leading, contributing to its third place in the rankings.

Global race

“Our research shows China with a slight lead in 5G readiness, with South Korea and the US close behind,” said David Abecassis at Analysys Mason. “The USled the world in 4G, and the US wireless industry is leading global 5G research and development with aggressive commercial 5G deployment plans that will benefit U.S. consumers.”

Separate research from Recon Analytics estimated that this 4G leadership contributed more than $100 billion to US GDP and increased jobs within the wireless industry by 84 per cent. Conversely, Europe and Japan’s failure to maintain leadership led to a contraction in their respective mobile sectors.

It is this economic impact that helps explain why the race to be the leader in 5G is so intense.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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