EE mobile traffic surges during England World Cup action

technicalstudio | July 10, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

England’s dramatic penalty shoot-out victory over Colombia last Tuesday was their first ever in a World Cup match and Eric Dier’s successful spot kick led to scenes of delirium across the country as even the most cynical of supporters started to wonder whether football was indeed coming home.

But the two-and-a-half emotional rollercoaster has also offered some insights into how people are watching the game.

Television ratings have been huge, with ITV reporting peak figures of 24.4 million for Tuesday’s match.

EE 4G World Cup

The BBC has also enjoyed bumper ratings on iPlayer, with more than 40 million streaming requests during the group stage. In an era of unparalleled choice of on-demand viewing, the World Cup is a unifying event that people from all walks of life wish to consume live – together, or on their mobile.

EE’s latest network figures appear to corroborate this hypothesis, adding that the World Cup is the only event that actually stops people using their home broadband. Broadband demand was at its lowest for a year during England v Colombia and throughout the competition, EE has noted a drastic drop in home broadband usage and a surge in mobile traffic when matches are being played

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