Here’s one of our clearest looks of the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo yet

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We’re just about 24 hours from the Samsung Galaxy S9 being launched on stage at MWC 2018, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got time for another leak.

This time it’s from an Instagram account, which seems to have been set up anonymously simply to post these four picture. There may have been more previously – BGR seems to have found more – but they dovetail very well with everything we’ve heard so far.

The Instagram user @vnas_world is from someone called Alex Ben, but there’s scant information about him on the web, nor the user name.

Mainmenu #earlyaccess #galaxys9 #galaxys9plus Alex Ben

A photo posted by @vnas_world on Feb 24, 2018 at 4:43am PST

A familiar feeling

The Samsung Galaxy S9 launch isn’t going to be riddled with surprises by the looks of things, and the new leaks confirm phones that aren’t very different at all from the Galaxy S8 duo in 2017.

The leak didn’t show in much detail the cameras either, although BGR seems to have pictures from the account with the snappers on show, confirming again that the S9 Plus will have two sensors, much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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