iOS 11.3 update adds battery health, new Animoji and advanced AR features

technicalstudio | March 29, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

Apple launched iOS 11.3 today, marking the biggest update for the iPhone and iPad since iOS 11. It’s also just in time for the new iPad 2018 release date on March 30.

The new software brings about several important features, chief among them the new battery health menu. It measures the maximum capacity of your battery. Our nearly five-month-old iPhone X now display 99%, meaning it can charge up to 99%.

This new submenu in battery settings menu comes after it was discovered that Apple was purposely slowing down the performance of older devices. The company’s explanation was that it did this in order to maintain battery life and reduce impromptu shut offs. The reason was good – the lack of a public explanation that it was doing this was poor.

Better AR with iOS 11.3

We got to experience new AR features with iOS 11.3 when testing out the new iPad 2018 this week. This is thanks to ARKit 1.5.

All in all it s just another iconic painting on the brick wall

All in all it’s just another iconic painting on the brick wall

With iOS 11.3, new AR apps like Boulevard AR can more accurately map to vertical surfaces like walls and doors, horizontal surfaces like tables and chairs and, importantly, irregular shaped surfaces like circular tables.

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