Latest Samsung Galaxy S9 price leak says phone will be £50 cheaper than expected

technicalstudio | February 14, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 will cost £739 in the UK when it launches on Sunday February 25, if the latest S9 price leak from the mobile phone industry correct.

That’s £50 cheaper than the only other S9 price information we’ve been given to date, which claimed that you should expect to pay “£100 more than the S8 cost at launch” and would have resulted in a price of around £789.

“Expect the S9 to be priced roughly £50 cheaper than what everybody is saying,” says our inside source. “A £100 price hike from the S8 is no longer on the cards and it’s looking much more like a £50 increase instead.”

To be clear – this comes from someone we trust in the UK mobile industry who would certainly be in a position to know this information.

This is far more encouraging if you’re intending to snap up a Galaxy S9 deal as soon as possible, but still signals a 7% increase from last year’s Galaxy S8 – which launched at £689 – and almost 25% higher than the Galaxy S7’s £569 price 24 months ago.

Going up: Samsung Galaxy S9 price leaked

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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