LG V30S tipped to finally bring the upgrades the V30 needed


LG is rumored to be announcing a revised version of the LG V30 at MWC and we’re now hearing more about what that phone might offer.

Dubbed the LG V30S, the souped-up version of one of last year’s best Android phones will bring some features that the V30 was lacking to make it competitive in 2018.

It’s tipped by ETNews to boast 256GB of storage and launch the LG Lens, an AI and augmented reality play to improve the quality of the cameras.

This isn’t the first that we’re hearing of LG’s AI-injected phone, as rumors have been bubbling up in the past few weeks as we build to MWC 2018. Early reports suggested that this phone would be called V30+α or the V30 Alpha, but ETNews, a Korean news source, points to the phone being called the LG V30S.

Will it be different enough to matter?

If the V30S debuts at MWC 2018, it’ll be vying for attention alongside the Samsung Galaxy S9, but it could struggle against that phone if it launches for the rumored $918. This is only an approximation based on converting from Korean won.

So, will this phone be worth the cost? If a massive amount of onboard storage is important to you, the V30S will be music to your ears.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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