Melitta Caffeo CI Bean to Cup Coffee Machine review

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Melitta Caffeo’s CI (Coffee Intelligence) Bean to Cup Coffee Machine focuses on ease of use and customisable elements in an automatic set up.

Its My Coffee Memory system can store four personal preferences that are pre-programmed into the machine, alongside making a consistently good espresso and milk foam.

At its price point (£849.99), it’s by no means a cheap model, and it does risk being outshone by both the lower cost and flashier machines at either end of the market.

But after a month with the Melitta, we argue that it’s a robust bean-to-cup machine for someone that needs a caffeine fix with minimal fuss.

The Melitta Caffeo is currently available in the UK (global availability TBC) for £849.99.

A photo of the Melitta Caffeo CI Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


The Melitta is a large machine that will take up plenty of your counter’s worktop (it’s 35.2cm/13.8” high and 47.3cm/18.6” deep), which is worth bearing in mind if you’re short on space.

It’s available in black and stainless steel, and it looks sleek – albeit domineering.

Under the hood, the Melitta is fully automatic, but designed to allow for plenty of customisation and ease of use. All types of coffee are dispensed from the same spouts, and they can be moved up and down depending on the size of your coffee cup.

A photo of the Melitta Caffeo CI Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

At the spin of a dial, it’ll take you around five minutes to programme in four different coffee preferences, and once you’ve sorted that, it means the Melitta Caffeo CI Bean to Cup is super easy to use at 6.30am, even if there’s a queue for the machine.

We loved the My Coffee Memory add-on for this, as it means there’s variation and control available, but your favourite cup of coffee still doesn’t require any skill from you. In a coffee-loving family or workplace, the Melitta would be a safe bet for a crowd.

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