Mobile Industry Awards 2018 – Are you the industry’s Best MVNO or Best MVNO Partner?

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Now in its 16th year, the 2018 Mobile Industry Awards represent the gold standard of excellence in the industry – from the boardroom to the grassroots. The status of the awards has seen previous winners declare victories in shareholder releases, emblazon logos on staff uniforms and take out billboards to spread the news of their victory

We are delighted to share that due to popular demand we will continue our fiercely contested Best MVNO and Best MVNO Partner award categories

Despite an ambivalent approach to MVNOs from many networks, the sector continues to thrive and grab market share as users become increasingly price-conscious. To succeed in this space requires a tenacious and cast-iron strategy, resilience to partner pressures and a finely tuned marketing strategy. The winner of our Best MVNO category best represents these qualities,

Now it is your chance to submit your award winning entry

Best MVNO and MVNO Partner

An MVNO can only be as innovative as the service it is able to provide. The Best MVNO Partner category recognises the partner that does the most to champion and support the MVNOs dependent on its services

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar Pro, Arun Dehiri, Managing Director of Red Dawn Consulting and a leading authority on the wholesale and MVNO market states:

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