Mysterious Nokia X landing at the end of April

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We’ve already had new Nokia phones this year but at least one more is seemingly coming soon, as a handset called the Nokia X has been teased for an April 27 announcement.

The teasers were spotted in China and snapped by ITHome, and as well as the name and announcement date they contain an image of an X made from the edges of two handsets, though you can’t make out many details, other than the phone looking like it might have slightly curvy metal edges.

VTechgraphy notes that according to a user on Baidu (a Chinese forum) the Nokia X will apparently launch in both Snapdragon and MediaTek varieties and will be available with 64GB of storage alongside either 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

The Nokia X has seemingly been officially teased. Credit: IT Home

The Nokia X has seemingly been officially teased. Credit: IT Home

Not aiming for the iPhone

They add that the name apparently uses the letter X rather than the number 10, so this probably isn’t aimed as an iPhone X competitor. Indeed, if the spec rumors above are accurate then the Nokia X is probably more upper mid-range than high-end.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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