Nokia 8110 (2018) First Impressions

technicalstudio | February 28, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

Last year at MWC, HMD Global launched the newly resurrected Nokia on a global scale, and made it memorable by unveiling the new Nokia 3310 (2017). This was a brilliantly calculated move; delighting and amusing Nokia fans, playing on nostalgia, and bringing something much more interesting than a line of formulaic Android slabs to the market. It wasn’t a game-changing phone by any means, but it led to an incredible outpouring of attention and emotion all over the world. It also gave the Nokia brand the push it desperately needed to be seen as quirky and innovative again.

The company is trying the same thing one year later, and of all the iconic and instantly memorable models it has in its archives, it chose the Nokia 8110.

This article was sourced from Gadgets360

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