OnePlus 5T Does Not Support HD Viewing on Most Streaming Platforms

technicalstudio | December 10, 2017 | 0 | Tech News

The OnePlus 5T, one of the biggest smartphone releases this year, has a rather unusual omission. The smartphone cannot stream HD content from streaming platforms like Netflix, AmazonPrime Video, GooglePlay Music, and most other services.

This surprising revelation comes after a user posted on the official OnePlus 5T forum that the phone does not have Widevine L1 Certification, which is required to be able to access HD content from DRM protected websites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the likes. The user also noted that YouTube streaming is not affected by this omission.

The OnePlus 5T currently supports Widevine L3 certification, which is only capable of allowing standard definition (SD) streams on the smartphone.

This article was sourced from Gadgets360

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