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When we decided to compare the DJI Mavic Air and Parrot Anafi to see which drone won out in raw specs, we were impressed to see how well Anafi stacked up to the best drone available on paper.

So, we were excited to finally test the Anafi’s mettle ourselves and see whether the drone would soar to meet expectations or fold under the pressure.

After a few tests in the field, we’re not certain about Parrot Anafi as a choice for drone newcomers. But, long-time flyers may find a lot to like about the French model, which beats the Mavic Air in raw camera power, but can be a bit more rough around the edges.

We’ve laid out all of the details you’ll ever need to decide whether the Parrot Anafi is the right fit for your next drone purchase.

Price and availability

  • Available now
  • $699 / £649 (about AU$940) for the drone and accessories
  • $99 / £89 (about AU$130) for spare battery

When the Parrot Anafi launched on July 1 for $699 / £649, it sent a message to DJI drone owners: we’ll match or trump the specs you’re used to, for a lower price.

For reference, Anafi’s closest foldable competitor, the Mavic Air, retails for $799 / £769 / AU$1,299.

For that price, you get the drone, a Skycontroller 3 RC, one battery, a carrying case, one 16GB microSD card and a microSD adapter, eight spare propeller blades, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a mounting tool.

The gear you’ll need for your Anafi outings

The Parrot Anafi should be available from most major retailers, along with Parrot’s site.

On Parrot’s site, you can also order spare batteries at $99 / £89 apiece or another eight backup propellers at $20 / £18 per box. As you’ll read below, we think investing in both is a near necessity, which makes it unfortunate that Parrot doesn’t offer some kind of discounted bundle with more accessories.

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