Samsung Galaxy Note 9 seemingly benchmarked already

technicalstudio | March 28, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

We’re not expecting to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before August, but it seems that the phone might already have been benchmarked and it’s come out with predictably high scores, but not quite the best ones.

A phone dubbed the Samsung SM-N960U has passed through Geekbench and that’s probably the Galaxy Note 9, given that the US version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the SM-N950U.

The benchmark lists a single-core score of 2,190 and a multi-core result of 8,806, which unsurprisingly tops the scores of the Galaxy Note 8, but it scores lower than the iPhone X and in single-core results it also scores slightly lower than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already has strong benchmark results. Credit: Geekbench

Time to improve

That’s not too much cause for concern though, since this is a very early benchmark and the phone will likely be better optimized before launch, leading to improved results.

It’s worth noting also that this is the Snapdragon 845 version of the Galaxy Note 9, but there will probably also be an Exynos 9810 version launched outside the US which may well be faster.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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