Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus shown off again in leaked photos and renders


With just about every image now lining up we’re very confident about what the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will look like, and there’s now even more evidence of the design in the form of leaked photos and high-resolution renders.

The renders come courtesy of reputable leaker Roland Quandt, and show bothphones from the front and back, with details including a dual-lens camera on the Galaxy S9 Plus, a single-lens one on the standard Galaxy S9, slim bezels above and below the curved screen and a likely glass back. They also show off both black and blue color schemes.

Other than the extra camera lens in the case of the S9 Plus and the repositioned fingerprint scanner, which now sits below the camera rather than to the right of it, the two phones look a whole lot like their predecessors.

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This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 in a blue shade. Credit: @rquandt
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to have just a single-lens camera.

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