Shark IF250UK cordless vacuum cleaner review

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Cordless vacuum cleaners have become synonymous with some of the big brands like Dyson, but Shark is an alternative you may not think of immediately that’s offering a top end product without having to spend as much money.

With a unique design, good battery life and very impressive cleaning performance, you should consider the Shark IF250UK when looking for your next vacuum cleaner.

Below you’ll find our full review of the Shark IF250UK. We’ll also reference some features that you can only get on the Shark IF250UKT, which is a different product with Shark’s TruePet mode but we’ll make it clear when we’re talking about that variant.

Shark IF250UK vacuum cleaner price and availability

This version of Shark’s flagship vacuum has been available since around August 2017, so you should now be able to find it from a series of retailers in your home market.

As for the price, we’ve found it has an RRP of £449.99 (around $640, AU$800) but it only seems to be on sale in the UK and not available in the US or Australia.

We’ve also seen the price drop down at various retailers too with it costing £319.99 at one stage in the UK. You may find the price fluctuates a little higher or lower than that when you come to buy the vacuum from Shark though.


One of the biggest highlights of this vacuum cleaner is the design. It’s a little bulkier and heavier than some of its competitors products, but it’s manageable and you won’t find it too much of a stress to carry around.

At the top of the vacuum cleaner is the housing for the battery (this is a cordless cleaner after all) and all the tech involved here. The top section can easily be disconnected from the main cleaner so you can get to hard to reach places or add extra attachments to get to those awkward places within your home.

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