Smartphones During Family Time May Impact Your Kids’ Emotional Well-Being: Study

technicalstudio | June 13, 2018 | 0 | Tech News

Do you spend more time on your smartphones or watching television and engage less in family activities at home? Beware, your child’s social-emotional well-being could be at stake.

According to researchers, technoference – the term they used to define everyday interruptions in face-to-face interactions because of technology devices – may lead children to show more frustration, hyperactivity, whining, sulking or tantrums.

“Children may be more likely to act out over time in response to technoference as opposed to internalise,” said Jenny S. Radesky from the University of Michigan in the US.

The study showed that in almost all cases, one device or more intruded in parent-child interactions at some stage during the day.

This article was sourced from Gadgets360

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