The banana phone returns: everything you need to know about the Nokia 8110 4G

technicalstudio | February 24, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

The Nokia 8110 4G is a reboot of the iconic handset of the same name from 1996, launched at MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

If you are a fan of the 1999 movie The Matrix it may be familiar, as Neo used a spring loaded version of the slider.

It’s the second handset in the new ‘Nokia Originals’ series from HMD, the manufacturer that licenses the iconic name for its mobile phones.

You can watch our brief video hands on with the new Nokia 8110 4G below

Nokia 8110 4G release date and price

The Nokia 8110 release date is set for May 2018, and we know it’ll be available in Europe, The Middle East, Africa and China in single and dual SIM variants.

As for availability in other countries, there’s currently no further information on this.

The Nokia 8110 4G price is confirmed to be €79 (around £70, $100, AU$120).

You can pull down the slider to answer a call, and slide it back up to end

Nokia 8110 4G design

The Nokia 8110 4G inherits the distinctive curve and slider of the original, although it arrives in a smaller package making it easier to hold in the hand

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