The best Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-order plans and prices in Australia


Building on the success of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the South Korean tech giant hopes its latest flagship, the aptly titled Galaxy S9 (hands on review here), will take over top spot in the Android smartphone world once more. On this page, we’ve sifted through everything the Australian providers have to offer and brought you the best plans and pricing on both the 64GB and 256GB versions of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you’re after the slightly larger brethren of the S9, you should check out our page for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus plans and pricing, or if you’re still not satisfied with the size of that Samsung, check out our Galaxy Note 8 plans page.

To make sure there’s something for everything, we’ll keep a look out for the best overall value plan, as well as the best budget option, the optimum plan for those seeking out massive amounts of data, and the most impressive choice from each of the major carriers.

For now, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is only available for pre-order, but we’ve still gathered up the best offers below so you can get in early on the latest Android powerhouse. As was the case with the Note 8, pre-orders through most carriers will also receive a free Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad valued at $119.

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