The upcoming Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is just another upgrade you do not need

technicalstudio | February 5, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

From Marshmallow to Nougat and from Redmi Note 4 to the Redmi Note 5, what is the hysteria of incessant upgrades? Do you really be need to be upgrading your phone just for the sake of chasing trends?

New upgrades, new features and a new design, we’re always clamouring to stay ahead of the curve. But why?

According to Counterpoint, two out of three users plan on upgrading their mobile devices within the span of just 12 months in India.

Not only does this drastically deviate from the world average of 24-30 month cycle, it shows how the growth of Chinese brands in the country, offering more features at a reasonable price, has triggered a faster upgrade cycle.

Why is this happening?

The survey states that users wish to upgrade their phones to adopt 4G LTE capabilities. But hasn’t 4G been around since 2012 when Airtel first initiated the launch?

Even the government is gearing up for a 5G launch by 2020 with BSNL service trials happening as soon as next month.

A lot of users are looking for phones with better memory, storage or battery capacity. The desire to just have an upgraded phone has become central to our lives, showing how strong the hold of a demonstration effect is on India.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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