UK phone maker Wileyfox enters administration

technicalstudio | February 6, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

Wileyfox, the UK firm that looked to take on the heavyweights of the Android phone market, has entered administration.

The company was formed by August 2015 as a British-made alternative to identikit Android devices, with its initial Swift and Storm smartphones (which admittedly ran on the Cyanogen operating system) offering decent hardware at a relatively low price.

However since switching to its own build of Android for following releases, the company had struggled to attract a strong customer base.


The news was revealed by the company’s verified Reddit community, where user Wileyfox-Jack revealed that the firm had filed for administration, but could not provide many other details.

“Wileyfox Europe Limited is in Administration,” he said, “Andrew Andronikou and Andrew Hosking are appointed joint administrators and act jointly and severely without personal liability.”

“I will try to answer what questions I can that you ask but I don’t have many nor can I provide many answers.”

Wileyfox-Jack was unable to offer answers to customers looking to find out if their devices will still be supported, including any currently out for repair, with repairs and warranties now in the hands of the administrators.

The company itself has not released any official statement, and is yet to respond to TechRadar Pro’s request for comment.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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