Zebra TC25 looks to revolutionise mobile field working

technicalstudio | February 13, 2018 | 0 | Mobiles

Zebra Technologies has released its new TC25 rugged smartphone as the company looks to offer workers in challenging environments.

Aimed at workers in SMBs looking to expand their flexible working operations, the Zebra TC25 features a range of rugged tools and features to keep employees online at all times.

As expected with an effective rugged device, the TC25 is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heat and cold, as well as dust and water protection.


The device includes a number of useful workplace tools for workers out in the field, including barcode scanning, route management and document organisation.

Zebra also provides a couple of accessories for the TC25, including a hand strap, holster, snap-on power pack to support continuous use and a snap-on trigger handle which allows staff to use the TC25 for a wide range of tasks with reduced strain and improved efficiency

“Our new durable smartphone was created to provide fast solutions that quickly and reliably resolve complex problems and ensure smooth communication in the field,” said Joe White, vice president and general manager, enterprise mobile computing, Zebra Technologies.

“As an alternative to outdated, and often inaccurate, pen and paper systems as well as flimsy and fragile consumer devices, the new TC25 provides smaller businesses a competitive advantage.

This article was sourced fromTechRadar

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